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CASL-Wealth-management-services-sarasotaA Chartered Advisor for Senior Living or CASL® is a financial professional who meets the requirements established by the American College.

These include completing a specified program of study, and meeting minimum experience requirements and specific ethical standards.

The CASL designee is a financial expert who has dedicated him or herself to helping their clients prepare for retirement. Having completed an advanced five-course academic curriculum and met the experience and ethics requirements as set forth by The American College.

What can a CASL ® do for you?

People are living longer than ever before. A CASL ® is educated to lead clients from middle age through retirement and assist them with the management, preservation and transfer of wealth which includes...

  •     Savings for retirement
  •     Structuring distributions
  •     Planning for health and long-term needs
  •     Developing effective estate planning strategies

What are the requirements?

In order to obtain the CASL ® designation, a number of requirements must be met. An applicant must:

Educational requirements - Recipients have completed an advanced five-course academic curriculum. The average time it takes to attain the credential is 2 – 3 years.


Examination Requirements - Take 5 college level courses that focus on financial planning for seniors and retirees.

Experience – Have at least three years of qualifying full-time work experience in financial planning or a related field.

Back Ground Check and Ethics – A background check is completed on each CASL ® candidate to review any past legal issues related to their financial professional actions and conduct. CASL® candidates must once appointed must meet continuing education requirements in order to maintain the certification.

Time to Attain Credential: 2 – 3 years


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