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A Chartered Financial Consultant or ChFC ® is a financial professional who meets the requirements established by

The American College.  These include completing a specified program of study, and meeting minimum experience requirements and specific ethical standards.

The ChFC designation has completed the most extensive educational program required for any financial services credential.  Each ChFC has taken at least eight college-level courses on all aspects of financial planning from The American College.

Here are just a few of the many areas where a ChFC® can assist you:

• Creating a comprehensive financial approach
• Protecting your assets and managing risk with appropriate levels of insurance
• Managing taxes better for you and your business
• Helping you secure your retirement
• Building an investment approach to help you reach your goals
• Enhancing the value of your estate to take care of your loved ones


What are the requirements?
In order to obtain the ChFC ® designation, a number of requirements must be met.  An applicant must:

Educational Requirements - Take nine college-level courses and pass an exam for each course.  The average time it takes to attain the credential is 3 – 4 years.
The first six courses are the educational requirements for the CFP (Certified Financial Planner), additional 3 courses are required to attain the ChFC ®

Examination Requirements – Take nine separate exams in nine separate areas that relate to financial planning

Experience - Have at least three years of qualifying full-time work experience in financial planning or a related field

Back Ground Check and Ethics – A background check is completed on each ChFC ® candidate to review any past legal issues related to their financial professional actions and conduct.

Once appointed, a ChFC® must meet continuing education requirements in order to maintain the certification.

Time to Attain Credential:  3 – 4 Years.



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