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What sets Assurity Financial Group apart from the crowd is our broad focus on how all aspects of your financial life work together. Regardless of which financial topic is of primary concern at any given time, we strive to consider the secondary effects that can carry over to another area of your financial life.

Our company Assurity Financial Group offers investment choices that guarantee returns while insuring your principle investment from any losses.  We can guarantee an average income return of 6% to 7% while in retirement and double your income to 12% - 14% for lifes unknowns like long term care for home health care, assisted living, and nursing home.  You can also guarantee a legacy to your heirs while taking distributions for your retirement needs.  

Our company Assurity Wealth Management allows our clients to participate in investments like bonds, high yield cd’s, stocks, ETF’s, mutual funds, etc. For those that desire greater potential growth on thier investments. Our goals for our clients in our Assurity Wealth Management accounts are always to limit or reduce risk in our client portfolios regardless of the investment while maximizing gains.  We are one of the few Registered investment advisor firms that actually do portfolio engineering that takes in consideration your needs and goals when putting together an investment portfolio.  You are only charged one annual fee to manage your assets, many RIA firms and fee only advisors use third party administrators, or separately managed accounts that create a double charge because you are paying fees to the RIA and the other entities managing your account.  



David Appleby founder and President has attained two of the premier designations in the Financial Planning and Insurance Field...

Our Vision

Our vision serves as framework for all guides every aspect of our all business by what we need many to set up associations

Live Values

Our values serve as compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world customers set up associations

Be the Brand

Declares our purpose as a company and serves as standard against which we weigh actions decisions.

Protectin Your Future


Our company Assurity Life Advisors offers credentialed expertise in using life insurance as a retirement funding vehicle or for estate and legacy planning. We also can advise you on the other areas of insurance like health insurance, auto, home, umbrella liability coverage, key man or key employee for businesses to name a few. Because of the tax free nature of life insurance and the vast improvements in design of current life insurance policeies over life insurance of the past, many people are welled serve to review their current polices compared to products of the past.  

Our company Assurity Tax Advisors offers tax planning and tax preparation.  We also provide tax forecasting with our propriatary software that allows you to see in real time and in the future what the tax benefits of inplementing investment tax strategies to reduce taxes on your income.  We also focus on other areas to reduce taxes on your income.  If you are attempting to grow your assets at 8% - 12% annually but pay out 10% to 25% more in taxes you are taking alot of risk for a net loss after considering taxes. We have CPA's and Enrolled Agents to ensure in the planning and implemenation phase of setting up your investment accounts as reducing taxes is a major focus.  With many other investment firms that are not credentialed in the area of tax and do not provide a major focus on this area, the earlier scenario of taking much risk for little or no gain is the result and many times the net loss in investment growth is the outcome.       

Meet Our Team

    David Appleby
    President, CEO
    Monica Appleby
    Licensed Insurance Agent
    Steve Mead
    Financial Advisor

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