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A Certified Tax Specialist CTSTM is a financial professional who meets the requirements established by the Institute of Business and Finance. Well over two million people provide tax advice; less than 1% of them have earned the CTS™ designation.
A Certified Tax Specialist™ CTS™ is an educated, experienced and qualified professional committed to the well being of you, your family and your business. The CTS™ can provide basic and advanced guidance on a wide range of income and taxation topics.
The CTS™ designee’s mission is to gain a complete understanding of your goals and objectives. The CTS™ will help identify and develop the strategies, techniques and vehicles that best meet your needs.  The process used by the CTS™ involves data gathering as well as advanced knowledge of income taxes and tax reduction strategies. The CTS™ is also able to aid you and your family in the areas of expensing, tax credits, income splitting, gifting, inheritances, a child’s income, deduction maximization and audit minimization.
With the help and knowledge of a CTS™, you can:
Calculate & Understand Income Tax Liability
• Filing Status and tax formula
• Personal and dependency exemptions
• Itemizing vs. standard deduction
• Limitations on deductions
• Estimated payments and electronic filing
Ways to Reduce Taxes
• Gross income and exclusions
• Business expenses
• Retirement plans
• Self-employed and employee expenses
• Medical costs
• Educational incentives
• Planning strategies
Credits and Special Taxes
• Child and dependent care
• Energy and automobiles
• Income of a minor
•Alternative minimum tax
Capital Gains and Losses
• Holding periods and calculations
• Section 1231 property
• Depreciation recapture
• Installment and like-kind exchanges
What are the requirements?
In order to obtain the CTSTM designation, a number of requirements must be must.  An applicant must:
Educational Requirements - CTS™ candidates must complete a comprehensive advanced program designed to educate the advisor on every aspect of income taxes.
Examination Requirements – Each advisor must pass a series of exams and a written case study.
Back Ground Check and Ethics – A background check is completed on each CTSTM candidate to review any past legal issues related to their financial professional actions and conduct.
Once appointed, a CTSTM must meet continuing education requirements in order to maintain the certification.
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