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Credentials That Bring Value

David Appleby founder and President has attained two of the premier designations in the Financial Planning and Insurance Field, he has received the ChFC and CLU that normally take advisors 4 – 5 years to attain. David has continued to increase his education and currently holds six financial designations to better serve his clients and to guarantee the highest level of knowledge and professional commitment within the industry.

Independence and Loyalty

David started his own firm in 1996 and has been independent ever since. By this model, David has been able to make relationships with many captive companies without losing his ability to offer investments and products with other captive firms as well as having access to hundreds of the top companies in the industry. David to this day, has kept with the principles of remaining committed and loyal to his clients by remaining independent and serving his clients interest first.

Adhere to Higher Standards

We have also committed to a pledge of high ethics through the American College, International Association of Qualified Financial Planners, The Institute of Business & Finance, The international Association of Registered Financial Consultants and the society of Certified Senior Advisors.

Comprehensive Expertise

The difference between financial knowledge applied that brings substance to your financial situation instead of superficiality can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. To give an example: imagine you could only take your family when they have a sickness or ailment to a family practitioner; there was no specialist available to treat your family. What would it be like if you did not have a specialist to treat those ailments that the family practitioner could not and was not qualified to treat? The more severe illnesses that may strike a family are not as frequent as the general ailments, but if not prevented or treated when they happen, can be catastrophic and cost the most. We are specialists in the most key areas of finance to service all your ailments. We know how investments impact your taxes, we understand the different retirement accounts and how to use them efficiently in a client’s portfolio, and we can incorporate the right choices of investments to maximize growth of your invested assets. We have the highest level of credentials in the insurance and financial planning field so you can effectively grow your assets and not cause you catastrophic losses because of lack of knowledge in the areas so crucial to your money.

Accessibility and Communication

One thing we will always do is make ourselves available to our clients and get back with a client’s normally within 24 hours time. We appreciate every client and desire to be at service to answer any and all questions concerning your account. If you need a statement or report we will put that together in a reasonable time to forward to you.

Giving Back and Paying Forward

David and our company is a big believer in giving back and giving to others who need a hand up and suffer from unfortunate situations that are not of their choosing. Charitable giving is a big part of what we stand for and a big reason for why we are in business and one of the main purposes for our company existence. Making a difference in others life is worth the sacrifice and one all our clients participate in when they are a client of our firm. We are very thankful and blessed for each client who participates in this vision to give back.

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