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A Qualified Financial Planner or QFP® is a financial professional who has separated general financial planners from individuals who have met the standards of education, examination, experience, and ethics to become a credentialed “Financial Planner”.  Since there isn’t one designation that controls the use of the term Financial Planner there is much confusion that exists as who is a legitimate Financial Planner.
Many who claim to be a "Financial Planner" are not actually trained or educated in the discipline and methodology of Financial Planning.  IAQFP (International Association of Qualified Financial Planners) has made available through their website the ability to confirm those who representing themselves as financial planners the ability to confirm that they have met the standards to do so, this will help the public in easily identifying those professionals who have distinguished themselves with the education and training in the discipline & profession of Financial Planning, from the more generalized field of financial services.
A QFP® only recognizes certain specific designations as the meeting the qualifications for the designation.   Less than one percent of all financial designations qualify a person to meet the criteria of IAQFP to call themselves a “QFP®
Advisors must also pass an examination, and agree to adhere to a code of ethics. Thirty hours of continued education must be completed every 2 years.
What are the requirements?
In order to obtain the QFP® designation, a number of requirements must be mett.  An applicant must:
Educational Requirements - Take nine college-level courses and pass an exam for each course.  The average time it takes to attain the credential is 3 – 4 years.
The first six courses are the educational requirements for the CFP (Certified Financial Planner), additional 3 courses are required to attain the QFP ®
Examination Requirements – Advisors must pass an examination
Experience - Have at least three years of qualifying full-time work experience in financial planning or a related field
Back Ground Check and Ethics – A background check is completed on each QFP ® candidate to review any past legal issues related to their financial professional actions and conduct.
Once appointed, a QFP® must meet continuing education requirements in order to maintain the certification.
Time to Attain Credential: Is earned based on previous credentials and education.
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