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As an Assurity Financial client we want to ensure that you have every tool to be successful in overseeing your Financial Portfolio Growth Plan. We provide our wealth management clients with a simple comprehensive tool to see all of your financial assets in one place on any device where ever you are; home, office, or on the road.





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David Applyby, President

  • Life involves using life insurance company accounts that are an integral part of any financial
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  • Wealth management  grows your accounts utilizing market investments and Financial Planning integrates with other areas
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  • Retirement planning using the proper vehicles for wealth accumulation and distribution, plus specific account management:
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  • Tax involves maximizing investment gain by utilizing strategies that will reduce taxes while in the
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Annuities have been in existence for well over two hundred years. The very first mention of Annuities in the United States was the use of these products by the Presbyterian Church in 1740 to provide security for the clergy and widows. Annuities allow you to accumulate tax-deferred funds for retirement and then, if you desire, receive a guaranteed income (this process is called Annuitization) payable for life or for a specified period of time: generally a term of five or ten years.