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Serving the Bradenton, Sarasota, Pinellas, Charlotte & Tampa area for 25 years.






Our Goals for Each Client

  •  Reduce or eliminate Volatility & risk
  • Reasonable Rate of Growth
  •  Income that clients cannot outlive
  • Succession/Legacy Planning
  • Reducing Taxes on Investments 
  • Minimum of 90% liquidity in Accounts 
  • Meeting Long Term objectives 
  • Growing Money in Bull or Bear Market 


We are here to make sure that all the above goals are met for our clients and their investments.   There is an oversaturation of sales people in the financial marketplace and this makes it hard for people to differiate between experienced credentialed professionals and those just looking for a quick dollar at the expense of the client who they should be protecting as well as serving.  We have found that many people who invest with so called financial advisors, these advisors are more sales focused than long term relationship focused.   We want to make sure that our clients have a future plan that lets them know that whatever happens to the stock market, economy, inflation, medical or long term care, interest rates, taxes, death, etc. that they have a plan that takes all these things in consideration.   We are independent but highly regulated, what this means to you is although we are not as big as a the larger well known national firms, we can offer more personalized service to each client but have just as much regulatory oversight as those larger national firms. 


About Assurity

Financial Group

As a Financial Planning and Investment advisory firm we understand that just like every shoe does not fit every foot, we know one investment will not fit every person’s investment needs. That’s why we offer a wide variety of investments.

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