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At BeeSure Services Inc, our goal is to provide the client with the options they require for their money. Why put all your eggs in one basket? BeeSure Services provides a broad array of investment types. David provides complimentary guidance on products and investments that he feels offer "safety first" and will offer a good return for his clients.

The number one concern for Retirees is outliving their money. So, retirees are saying the number one thing my money provides for me is "security." However, most people have their money invested in places where there money is 100% at risk of loss. We think that the most important sound financial advice you can get comes from yourself. The staff of BeeSure Services is here to help you eliminate any questions you have regarding your financial picture. The process we have developed at BeeSure Services, Inc. is a continuous analysis and review of circumstances, portfolio and needs. Your finances are as unique as you are. Why should your finances try to fit into a cookie cutter type of situation? You are unique and individual as your investments, and desire personal advice. Investing is not a one size fits all situation and shouldn't be treated as though it is. At BeeSure Services, you get customized attention to your finances and your needs.

Please call for an appointment at 941-739-5006 to see how we can help you with your financial situation.

Tax Services

At BeeSure Tax Advisors, we’re dedicated to preparing your federal, state and local income tax returns to your complete satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff will spend time with you determining your tax liability, identifying all the deductions you’re entitled to, and working to get the biggest refund you deserve.

SENIOR SPECIAL -- Starting at $54

Other plans cost $74, $94 or higher depending on the complexity of the return. This excludes rental properties, sole - proprietorships, corporations and more than 10 capital gain entries, etc.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

For an additional $25 - $50 you can purchase our peace of mind guarantee. If for some reason you are audited we will fight with you or and stand behind our work, as well if we commit an error while preparing your return.

Our Guarantee

When you pay for tax preparation at BeeSure Services, Inc. you are automatically covered under our basic guarantee. We ensure that your taxes are going to be completed in a timely manner and accurately. We are committed to quality. All of our returns are double checked before they are returned to you, our valued client.. We use the latest software when preparing your return. DRAKE software is used by national chains such as AMSCOT. At BeeSure Tax Advisors we guarantee, a personal touch!





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