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1) Getting to Know You

During the initial meeting we spend the majority of our time listening to you. We will ask you a series of questions designed to help us to understand your expectations and your tolerance for investment risk. This will help us in selecting investments that you will feel comfortable with. We understand that you will want to learn more about us as well, and we are prepared to answer any questions that you may have. Assurity Financial Group sincerely hopes to impress upon you that we are the ideal choice for a relationship.

2) Sharing Information

“A journey of 1000 miles always begins with the first step.” In order to help you reach your goals, your ultimate financial destination, everyone needs a clear understanding from where we are beginning; this is accomplished through the interchange listed in step one and requests for information outlined in our financial questionnaire.

3) Information Analysis

Once all of the financial information needed has been gathered, we can get a clear vision of the assets and resources available for use.

4) Financial Plan Creations

All things are created twice; first in the mind, then “on paper”. Like an architect, imagining all of the possibilities occurs first. Keeping with the metaphor, ‘form follows function’, so there may be more than one way to reach the final outcome you seek. Assurity Financial Group very well could design more than one solution for your review.

5) Selection and Implementation

Once your custom crafted solutions are ready we present them for your review, selection, modification, and/or fine-tuning. Then we move forward with portfolio engineering; like the architect above handing off the blueprints for construction, we move forward with putting together the pieces (or accounts/financial products) required to build your custom solution.

6) Results Monitoring and Fine Tuning

How is your financial plan performing in terms of delivering the desired end result? What refinements or on-going modifications are required to continually insure the delivery of the end result, your goals? This really takes all involved in a completed circle; now that we have a relationship, you gain peace of mind in knowing there is a continuous, mutually vested interest in your plans overall success.

The 6-step personal financial planning process, or cycle, described above is all about you, and absolutely unique for you.


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